Wednesday, November 24, 2004

20 Interesting facts about ME!!!!!:

1. Ask Mummy and Daddy 100 times a day..."What you doing"? and after their response wait a few minutes then ask..."what you doing now"?

2. Choose my own coloured bowl from the cupboard for when I get a snack

3. Brush my own teeth (ok,ok, not very good at it)

4. Put my own sandals on

5. Tell (boss) Sasha what to do (can you believe it....she actually listens to me!)

6. Wear high heeled shoes and actually walk in them (even better than Mummy can!!)

7. Watch "The Lion King" over and over and over and over and over and over and over

8. Have conversations with Memere and Pepere and Justin by talking to their photos... (miss them a lot)

9. Don't like it when my friend Maddy always tried to kiss me and hold my hand (I just wish she would "GROW UP"!! (FYI..... she is 2 as well!!)

10. Prefer to eat seaweed rice crackers over cocolate coated teddy biscuits (teddy biscuits are for babies)

11. Have already spent 60 hours on an aeroplane.

12. Have consumed 14 airline meals

13. Love spaghetti, apples, cheese, eggs, vegemite on toast, grapes, blueberries......actually I eat everything.

14. Even like curry!!

15. Tell Mummy she is "pretty" when she comes to get me out of my cot...even if it is 5am!

16. Have 16 teeth

18. Love to help Mummy wash dishes

19. Say please and thank you when I need soemthing (most of the time)

20. Laugh a lot and conside myself very funny...(for a 2 year old)

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