Thursday, December 02, 2004

I have swimming lessons again tomorrow. I am so excited, I hope I can sleep. Ok, that is not very funny as Mummy says as I actually have been a bit naughty in the "sleeping" department. I have been going to bed at the right time, but for some reason I just wake up and cry out for mummy. I yell out all kinds of things, like"I want milk", or "I no want more sleep" or"I want mummy's bed" or "I need blanket on". Anyway, the last few nights I have been crying and yelling out for a couple of hours and I can tell Mummy is not very impressed with me. She comes to my room in the night and tells me to lie down and go to sleep and she doesn't listen to any of my requests. Maybe I need a new tactic. I mean, it's not that hard to give me milk or a blanket or put me in her bed now is it. It's not like I am asking her for a 3 course meal when I wake in the night and I mean after all, I am 2 and why can't I get whatever I like. Actually, because you are all avid readers of my daily life, I will let you in on a secret. I am trying to see how much"pull" I have got in this Mummy /toddler relationship and I have to tell you folks I really don't have a lot. So after our little chat before bed (the chat Mummy has with me everynight) the one about, if I wake in the night I am supposed to just roll over and go back to sleep...(pullleeeaaase, does she think I am Sasha!!!!) and that I am not supposed to cry out for hours on end and that in the morning Mummy will come and get me out of my cot when I wake up. Ok, so after that chat I decided maybe she is right and really it does get pretty exhausting yelling out at all those ungodly hours of the morning so tonight I am going to try very, very hard to stay asleep all night. I will let you know how I go tomorrow........that's if you don't here it from Mummy first!!!
Love Sophie

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