Tuesday, December 14, 2004

So much to tell you all. Firstly, I no longer have my 3 dummies. One day I just decided I didn't need them anymore. Actually to tell the truth, I think Mummy tricked me into thinking it was my decision because if I do ask about them she always says...."You wanted to cut them up and YOU wanted to put them in the garbage bin and then the garbage truck took them all away"....OK, I remember it happening like that but not sure why I decided to do that. Anyway, I am OK with it now as I am a pretty big girl. On Sunday Nanny took me to church again. I love going to church. I like to stand at the end of the pew and yell out "Alleluia"(Pretty good spelling for a 2 year old!!!!) Also, I like to point out to Nanny all the babies with dummies which the people sitting behind me think is very amusing.
OK, now for the really BIG news!!! I am not wearing nappies anymore!!!!! I go on the potty or the big toilet sometimes as well. I am so clever. I haven't had many accidents either. Yesterday when all my friends came over to play, I showed them how I go on the potty and everybody clapped and said what a good girl I am. So now you can see why I am so big now, no dummies and no nappies. WOW, things really do happen fast when you are 2!!!
OK, now I have to go and I mean I really have to go.
Bye Bye
Love Sophie

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