Sunday, September 19, 2004

I have been a busy little girl once again. All weekend I helped Mummy and Daddy weed the garden and dig and sweep. It is very hard work but I am such a huge help. I am starting to learn that you are not supposed to pull the flowers up out of the garden, only weeds. I am getting better at telling the difference but you know I am not even 2 years old yet and Mummy and Daddy have had to remind me a lot of times.....but the flowers are so pretty, I like to pull at them more than boring green weeds!!!
My cold is getting better as well.....oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that I even had a cold in the first place. That's because it doesn't bother me too much, not as much as my sore black finger does so I thought I didn't even need to mention it and besides I am so brave a bit of a blocked nose and cough doesn't slow me down too much.
Yesterday we went to the park and I saw Bailey and I went running up to him because I thought Justin and Ginette and John were at the park as well and I was so happy I ran straight up to Bailey but Daddy kept saying that it is not Bailey although it looks just like him. Anyway, sometimes Daddy's don't know everything so I just kept calling him Bailey anyway and patting him and running after him and calling for Justin and then when we left the park I said bye bye Bailey.
Guess what else, daddy's name is not just daddy but Denis so I have been calling him Denis as well especially when I need his urgent attention.
Have to go now asI am playing at Nanny and Grandpa's house and they have put up a tent in the backyard and I love playing in there.
Bye Bye
Love Sophie

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