Wednesday, September 15, 2004

I have a sore finger. I accidently slammed my drawers on my finger this morning when Mummy and I were in my room picking out my clothes to wear today. Mummy opened the drawer and then I put my fingers on the edge and slammed it thinking it would be a really fun thing to do and boy was I wrong!!! Mummy put it under the cold water and then she kissed it better....(starting to realise that that never works!!!) Tonight my whole finger nail is all black and I cant wait to show Daddy when he comes home tommorow because now I am quite fascinated with my black fingernail and I think Daddy will like it as well.
So I had a great time at my 2 parties on the weekend....I played so much and had so much fun party food to eat. Aunty Jane took me to the party in the afternoon and there was a bouncy castle and I jumped and jumped all afternoon and had so much fun with the other kids. When Mummy came to pick me up I realised I was very very tired so we came home and I went to sleep....but not for very long...soon I was awake and crying and Mummy said that I had probably had too much sugar and party food and my tummy was a bit sore...(Mummy's are so clever!!!). Anyway, the next day, Mummy told me we had to go to another birthday party as my friend Madeline was having her 2nd birthday off we went and it was at a play centre called "Wild Kidz", which is exactly what I turned into after another day of party food and lots of jumping and playing on the slide.
So today and yesterday I have not been too happy with Mummy because she hasn't taken me to any more parties and I was starting to think that it would be a regular thing. In the morning when I am getting dressed I say to Mummy....I want a party, I want a party. Mummy said the only party coming up was the one we are having when Daddy gets home and it is called, "Weeding the garden and tidying the backyard party".....something tells me there will be no bouncy castle or fairy bread at this party!! Not only that the only people going to this party is Mummy, Daddy and I!!!!
Yesterday I sat on the bench and helped Mummy squeeze hundreds of lemons from our tree in the backyard to make juice and then we put the juice in the freezer. Well, because Mummy called it juice I decided to have a drink of it and that is something I will try to remember not to do again as it tasted very different to the juice I normally drink. Mummy looked at my face and laughed at me for a long time because my face was all screwed up, I dont know what was so was so yuck and the new word I learnt for it is sour!!!!
Bye Bye
Love Sophie
PS: I am going with Mummy to pick daddy up from the airport tommorow and I can't wait!!

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