Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Bonjour all,
I am back!!!!! I have taken a little break as you can see by the date of my last diary entry and I have very good reasons for this. I have been such a busy little girl and I am now a world seasoned traveller. I have been to Hong Kong and Canada and been on more planes and eaten more airline meals and waited for long times in more airports than any other baby I know. I know how to open and close a seatbelt on a plane in less than that 5.5 seconds and I know that if you play long enough with the buttons on the armrest on the plane an important looking person in a uniform will come and ask me if I want juice or milk.......how cool is that!!!
Right now I am a bit sad because I am really missing my Memere and Pepere, (especially the horsy rides) and I also miss Justin, Ginette and John and today I even missed Bailey as I asked Mummy is we could see Bailey!!! I have figured it out that the long plane rides were to go see all my Canadian relatives as I have noticed since we came home that I haven't been able to see them and that makes me sad. Although, I was very happy to see Nanny and Grandpa, Lally, Emily, Jane and Carl!
Mummy and Daddy have been showing me all the photos of our trip and so I know I didn't dream all the fun things I did, like playing in the pool with Justin, Memere and Pepere, walking around the house in Memere's sandals, climbing up and down stairs....(I really, really miss that!!!) driving in Pepere's car, going visiting with Memere and Pepere to see Grand Memere and Grand Pepere....(thay have stairs in their house as well that I love!!!), playing on the slide...oooohhh, I really really miss that as well!!, staying at the cottage with Ginette, John, Justin andBailey and going to the beach and playing in the sand with Memere and Pepere. It was all so much fun and I even miss all my "great" aunts, like Gisele, (she's my favourite as well!!), Della, Bernice and Gerry, Lea and Ronnie and I had so much fun with Nadine and Jean and Luc and Alexandre...(they are my big cousins), but I also have some other little ones, Maxim and Simon as well. Then there was all the fun I had with Justin, Jakob and Mathieu. I haven't told Mummy and Daddy yet, but I think I am in love with Mathieu!!!! It is going to have to be a very long distance relationship and as we both can't really talk yet, I am not sure how we will continue. I would first be in love with Justin, but he is my cousin, so it is a different kind of love!!!!! He is the best cousin in the world and I really loved playing with him. He is so good at sharing, where I am not so good at it yet, but one day I hope to be as good as Justin. We loved to watch movies together and I like to laugh at the bits he laughs at because he knows if they are really funny whereas I just laugh because I think HE is so funny!
Well it is time for me to go and eat breakfast, so I will fill you in on some more of my adventures later......Bye bye
Love Sophie

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