Thursday, September 09, 2004

Mummy is very happy this morning with me because I have finally stopped waking up at 4am every morning and wanting breakfast!! Today I didnt wake up until 7am which is supposedly the correct time for little people like me! I dont know what the big fuss is but I do notice Mummy and Daddy seem a lot happier when I wake at the time they prefer. I was a bit sad because Mummy then said that Daddy had to go to work and he is gone for 6 days....oh no, as if I don't have enough people I am missing already, I now am going to really miss daddy as well.
To ease my sadness, Mummy told me that I am going to 2 birthday parties on Sunday...gosh, I am popular!! One in the morning and one in the afternoon. Aunty Jane is taking me to the party in the afternoon and there is going to be a bouncy castle so I can jump to my little hearts content...(we all know how I love to jump!!!!)
Also my biggest news is that I am going to be getting a new cousin....a baby cousin, because Aunty Emily and Uncle Carl are going to be getting me one, but they're not getting it for a little while so I have to wait. Mummy said it wont get here in time for Christmas and that we have to wait till Aunty Emily's tummy gets really big because that is where the baby will live for a while. I know that probably sounds very weird to you all, because a baby growing in a tummy sounds weird to me as well!!
Bye Bye
Love Sophie

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