Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Today Mummy, Sasha and I went for a very long walk. We even stopped along the way and I played in a park for a little while and made some new friends. They were much older than me but because I am so friendly I just get along with everyone, in fact I think they were far more interested in Sasha than me as they kept playing more with Sasha. After that we kept on walking and I started to play a game with Mummy, except I forgot to tell Mummy that I was playing it!!! The game is called....."Throw my hat out of the pram and onto the pavement"!!!! Its really fun, I throw my hat out and then Mummy picks it up and gives it back to me, often we do this about 5 times until Mummy gets bored with it...(by the way, she gets bored very quickly!!!) Anyway today Mummy didn't even throw it back once and it wasnt till we had walked for another half an hour that Mummy said, "Sophie, where is your hat????" and I gave her my best look of, "What do you mean, 'where is my hat', then I heard her say...Oh no, youv'e dropped it and we will have to go back to find anyway, our walk turned very very long and I got a little bit bored sitting still for so long and then Mummy gave me a drink of water and I thought maybe she did want to play the "Pick up" game after all, so I threw my water cup onto the pavement and then it cracked and broke and after that I thought maybe I better think of a new game becasue Mummy doesn't sem to enjoy that one too much.
Anyway, my Daddy is working away at the moment but he will be home tomorrow so that is only one sleep away. I was a bit confused this morning because when I woke up I called for him, like this...Da, Da da and then Mummy came in and I gave her the "Not you, I want dada look!!!!
I have to go now, its hout outside so I am going to go in my pool.....yipppeeeee!!!
Love Sophie

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