Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Yesterday I went swimming in my friend Will's pool, it was great fun and great to be able to get nice and cool. I liked to climb up the stairs of the pool and then jump back in and Mummy would catch me. Then after about 20 minutes I was bored with this and needed Mummy to provide some new stimulating activity to entertain me with. I have been doing this a lot lately and I heard Mummy telling Daddy she thinks I am going through the "terrible twos"....even though I am only 1!!!!! I have been whining a lot but I get so frustrated when Mummy and Daddy don't know what I am wanting and also I am only sleeping 1 nap a day which was purely my decision because if it were up to Mummy she would have me sleeping 2 times a day still!!!!! Mummy tries to put me to sleep but I end up sitting and playing in my cot for about 10 minutes before I start yelling out...Mumumumumumum....until I am rescued out of there.
Anyway, I better go, so much to do, so much mess to make...
Bye bye
Love Sophie

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