Wednesday, January 28, 2004

I had lots of fun on the weekend, even though Mummy says that everyday is a weekend for me!!!!! I went to the beach 3 times and played in my pool a lot. Daddy has taught me how to float and I really like to do that except sometimes I swallow a bit of water as well. Then on Sunday, we went to the Markets and Mummy and Daddy bought lots of fruit and vegetables and then the highlight of my very first taste of ice cream!!!!!! I had what they call, "a baby cone"!!! All that means is that my ice cream cone was about five times smaller than the one Daddy was eating!!!!! It was so delicious and I really loved getting it all over my face, hands, clothes and Mummy even found some in my armpit!!!!! I look forward to one day enjoying having another one of those, that's for sure.
I also had to have 2 more needles, one is so I don't get chicken pox and one was so I don't get Meningoccocal (not bad spelling for a 15 month old????) disease. Anyway, I was not very happy with Mummy for the rest of the day as she was the one that took me to get the needles and then proceeded to hold me tightly so the nurse could jab me........what a mean Mummy!!!!! So I decided to get back to her and on Sunday night I thought it would be a great idea to wake up at 12.30am and stay awake until 4.30am and cry every 1 5 minutes...or until Mummy would come in to see me. Poor Daddy had to get up to go to work at 4.30am and so because of me he didn't get much sleep either. So Needless to say, I was one very grumpy baby the next day and Mummy took me on the train into the city and I cried a lot because I wanted to run up the aisle of the moving train and Mummy wouldn't let me and then I tried to climb on the lady sitting next to me so Mummy had to strap me back in the pram which made me cry even louder and then a man with a big hat and lots of badges on came to talk to Mummy and she showed him our ticket but when he walked away Mummy said he had come to tell me to be quiet or that we were going to have to get off the train........miraculously after that I was quiet for the rest of the journey!!!!!!!!
Today I have been a really good girl and even had a 2 and a half hour sleep which is very good for me.
Bye bye
Love Sophie

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