Thursday, February 05, 2004

Well, just when I thought I had Mummy and Daddy all figured out, they have gone and changed the rules on me!!!! For a little while now, I had been waking up in the night and finding that I would much rather be up and playing with Mummy and Daddy and my toys, so I would stand in my cot and scream until one of them...(mostly Mummy) would come running. Because I have found this so fun, I had started to do it more and more often and sometimes I would wait for Mummy to get back in bed and almost fall asleep before I would start screaming again.....I could tell she really liked this game!!!! Anyway, like I said I thought this was great fun although I had been feeling a lot more tired in the day as all that screaming at night can really take it all out of you and then one night I screamed and nobody came. I screamed and screamed for a very long time and then I thought, oh point carrying on, I will just go to sleep and so I did and for the last 2 nights I have not bothered with the game anymore and I have noticed that Mummy seems extra happy when she comes to get me in the morning and I also have been feeling so much better as well.
I have also had so much happening in my life this past week, I now go to Gymbaroo as well as Playgroup. On Mondays Mummy takes me to Gymbaroo and it is great fun. I love playing on all the equipment and I am a really good climber...(just like Daddy) then we sit in a circle and sing songs but I'm not very good at that as sitting still is not one of my strong points...(just like Daddy)...although Daddy is good at singing songs, he is not good at sitting still, (according to Mummy).
Love Sophie

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