Sunday, February 29, 2004

Today I went to play at Nanny and Grandpa's house for a couple of hours. I like to play in the backyard and I helped Grandpa plant some flowers. I like to smell them and sometimes when no one is looking I pull the pretty flowers off the plant but I am not really supposed to do that even if it is fun!! I also like ot pick grapes right off the vine in the backyard....mmmm grapes are my favourite and there is all the grapes in the whole world hanging on the trees ready for me to eat but sometimes I get sick of them when I have eaten too much. After that, Mummy came back to get me and we had lunch. I had pasta shaped all differently and then I had yoghurt and I am getting very clever at using the spoon and getting it in my mouth and not all over the place and in my hair and on Sasha. Mummy said I was soooo smart!! After lunch I was very tired but I had Gymbaroo and I didn't really feel like playing today so I cried a bit and wanted Mummy to hold me. I didn't mind watching the other kids play, I just didn't feel like playing today and I really wasn't in the mood for dancing, even though I am a very good dancer!!! So when we came home I had a very very long sleep...almost 3 that is good as I will now be very happy and playful for when Daddy gets home.
Yesterday was a very hot day and Aunty Jane came over and we went to the beach and then in the afternoon after my sleep we played in the pool and it was so much fun.
Bye bye
Love Sophie

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