Sunday, February 22, 2004

I am very sorry I have not been keeping you all informed about my exciting daily events but I have not been feeling my usual happy self lately and have been keeping Mummy very busy looking after me so she hasn't had a lot of time to type my diary for me. I have had very, very sore gums as I now have 2 molars and boy did they hurt coming through. I even have had bleeding gums and even the doctors say that that is unusual. Last week when it was 40 degrees I had a high temperature as well so I felt very hot and cranky so Mummy kept putting me under a cool shower and this felt a little better. Today I am feeling a bit better but I didn't get to go to Gymbaroo because I was very very tired so I stayed home and had a sleep instead. I am sad because I will miss seeing all my friends at gymbaroo and I have been practising my dancing and I am sure they would have all been very impressed with my cool new moves.....(I can point my finger and do the twist!!!!!) Also I have been saying a lot more words lately as well...No is my new favourite word and I say it all the time....even when I really mean yes....I think it is very confusing for Mummy and Daddy as often they ask me if I want something to eat and I say "No" and then I get angry with them because they don't give me anything, I just don't know how to say "Yes" yet!!
I have to go now but I promise I will get Mummy to type more about my adventures later.
Bye bye
Love Sophie

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