Monday, December 29, 2003

Well, I am starting to like Santa!!! I woke up on Christmas morning last week and Mummy and Daddy said that Santa had been and left me some presents. I liked to bang on the boxes but didn't really care too much about opening them up. Daddy had to help and inside was a little bus with some little people in it and when I press the drivers seat it plays songs.......I really like it. Santa was so clever to know exactly what I would like, he is almost as clever as Mummy!!!!! Then we went to the beach and we saw Grandpa, Aunty Jane and Uncle Carl and Aunty Em at the beach. Santa brought Grandpa a boogie board and Aunty Jane said he was just like a seven year old with his new toy!! I liked it at the beach and played in the sand a bit and then we went home and Mummy dressed me up to look pretty and then we went to have lunch at Nanny and Grandpa's. I had my usual avocado sandwich but I also had some cherries and grapes and cheese. Then I played in my pool. Oh yeah, I almost forgot to tell you my big news........I am a land owner!!!! Aunty Jane has bought me my very own acre block of land on the MOON!!!!!! So, just like lots of famous people I also own land on the moon. Mummy said one day we all may need to move there......but it might be along long time away. I also have my own little purple couch which I love to play on and I also got a lovely dress from Memere and Pepere and yesterday I got another beautiful dress from Matant Ginette and Monuncle John and Cousin Justin......thank you very much for my gifts!!
The other day my friend Ella came over to play and we had a great time hiding the tennis balls from Sasha and seeing how badly she wanted the tennis balls from us, she kept running after us and trying to get them off us but us 1 year olds are way too clever for her!!!!!
I have to go now as its time for a nap.
Bye bye
Love Sophie

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