Sunday, December 07, 2003

First of all, I was not happy like I told you I wouldn't be about sitting on the "Big round man in red with the white hair and beards" knee, but I did like to stare at him even from up close but when I had to sit on his knee, I cried. In the end I was happy to sit on Mummy's knee and she could sit next to the man...(By the way, his name is Santa Claus!!) all for a photo. I'm not sure what all the fuss is about but Santa Claus sure is everywhere. I've seem him in so many places and sometimes on the one day! This morning I saw him on the television and I turned to Mummy and pointed and said, "anta"!!!!
Last week my friends came over to my house to play but I wasn't in a very playful mood and just wanted to sit on Mummy's knee. My gums were hurting so much it made me so sad. Yesterday though, one more tooth appeared and I am not as sad anymore and another three teeth will probably come through very soon as well. I am now feeling so much better that last night I didn't even wake up crying for Mummy or Daddy to come and see me and I just slept all night long.
Daddy has been working a lot lately but Mummy has let me stay up a little bit later so that I can play with him when he gets home but then I get so worked up from laughing at him I don't want to go to bed at all!!!! He is very funny and a little bit silly because I like to put my pyjamas on my head and then I can't see and he pretends he can't find me so then I have to pull them off my head so he can see me again....he is so silly!! This little game makes me laugh a lot.
Better go as I need to have a nap now.
Bye bye
Love Sophie

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