Thursday, December 11, 2003

Guess what everybody, I know where my toes and my head and my belly is!!!!! Its a good thing I know that now because I dont think Mummy and Daddy knew where my head was as they keep saying to me..."Sophie, where's your head" and "now, where's your toes" and I can happily point to the part they need to know and then they clap hands and say "clever girl"!!!! I like to look at other little people like me and call them "Bubba"and point at them a lot. Yesterday in the supermarket I pointed to a bubba and said "Bubba" and his Mummy looked at my Mummy and said, Your the bubba little girl, as he is a lot older than you!!!!! Mummy said he was nearly 2 years old but he looked like a bubba to me!!
I also saw Santa Claus again yesterday and I made sure I clutched on to Mummy's shirt as tight as I could just incase she felt the urge to pass me over to him again, anyway I safely made it past him and then I saw him again in another shop and I thought, Wow, he really is everywhere and he had even lost weight since the last time I saw him 8 minutes ago and didn't need to wear glasses anymore either!!! See what an observant baby I am!!
Today I have been in my pool 6 times as it is a warm day today, I filled my pool with so many of my beach toys there was no room for me to sit down and I accidently sat on the spade and it was very uncomfortable. Tonight I am having a sleep over at Nan and Grandpa's as Mummy and Daddy have to go out again. They went out 3 weeks ago and I dont know why they need to go out again !!!! Anyway, I am not sad at all because I like to go and stay there as I have lots of fun there as well.
Bye bye
Love Sophie

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