Saturday, October 01, 2011

Welcome to the family Sadie

Introducing Sadie...our new puppy!!!  It has been 2 weeks today since Daddy arrived home with our best "surprise" !!  We had no idea we were going to get another dog and we had given up asking. 

We wondered what to call her.....Luc wanted to call her yo-yo??  We thought of Annie, Mabel, Bella, Tilly, and then decided on Sadie.  She looks like a Sadie don't you think??

So cute and quite calm for a puppy.  Sadie was only 8 weeks when we got her and she is a Kelpie Shepherd just like our lovely Sasha was.  We hope she will be as great as Sasha was!

Sadie fell asleep on my lap only 20 minutes after I met her!

She likes tennis balls...

She LOVES tummy rubs....(just like Sash), she also LOVES dinner time and doggie treats and chewing things!!

She sleeps a lot too!

So, for 2 weeks Sadie has been in our family and so far we have taught her to sit and to fetch.  She is a very clever puppy.  She has also grown SO much already.  She sleeps in the laundry at night and goes a little crazy in the morning time as she is so excited to see us after her long sleep.  We love her xxxx

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