Saturday, January 24, 2009

Geordie Bay view from the villa in the evening!
Feeding time!!

If you look closely we are pretty much all in this photo...except Grandpa as he took the photo!

Nanny waving to us from the balcony.

Luc, Sari, Jack and I playing on the beach

Spot the difference, ha ha. Luc and Sari are such opposites in looks .....similar personalities though and they get on great!

Luc thinking if he waters himself....he may grow!!!

Waiting for the bus into the main settlement.

Playing with Uncle Carl at the pub.

Nanny and Aunty Emily sititng in the shade of the beach tent.

Mummy and Luc going for a bike ride. Luc LOVES the bike.

Say cheese Luc???

Playing on the beach after dinner.....Luc decided his clothes weren't really neccessary!!

Me rollerblading!
Gee Luc, do you think you have enough sand on you!!!
Cleaning off all the sand in the bucket!!
Nanny and Grandpa relaxing on the balcony........until I came along and discovered their peace and quiet!! Ha ha.
Love Sophie

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