Monday, January 05, 2009

Taking down the Christmas Tree

Mummy thought I was very funny the other day when she announced to Sophie and I that it was time to take down the Christmas tree. (yes, I know...she is getting earlier every year!!!) The reason it was funny was because I disappeared to my room and searched through my toy box to find my toy chainsaw!!!! By the time I found it and came running out to "chainsaw" the tree down, Mummy had already pulled apart most of it. Sophie and Mummy spent a little time laughing at me (they do this quite often) and thinking I was cute and wondering where I had seen trees being cut down with chainsaws to get this idea in the first place........Um, HELLO, it's called television, It's where I get lots of my great ideas ......and I think I got this idea of Dora the Explorer!!!!! She is cool, I am in love with her and I think I am going to marry her. Love Luc

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Grandpa said...

Hello Sophie and Luc
Sounds like you had loads of fun at Christmas and ever since.
We have made your web blog our Home now we will see what you have been up to verytime we log on to our computer.
Lots of love
Grandpa and Nanny.