Thursday, January 01, 2009

Santa left us a keyboard....!

Opening presents at Aunty Em and Uncle Carls house

Luc in his soccer gear.....
Wrapping paper everywhere...
Swimming in the pool ....

Jack showing us his new "Diego toy"

Christmas day was great fun! Santa did bring a keyboard and I LOVE it. I also got lots of other surprises including games for my DS, some other board games, bikinis, rings and necklaces, knickers, lip balm and lots more I can hardly even remember them all. Luc got a tool set and a hard hat, a Wiggles car, a "spongebob squarepants" soccer set" and new sunglasses and other little goodies as well.
It was so much fun ripping into all those presents. Memere and Pepere sent me a big toy globe of the world that talks when you point at it. It tells me where every country and even the capital cities and what language they speak as well as lots of other things. The cool thing is I know where Canada is and even Moncton AND Hawaii!!!! I really didnt know they were so far away!!!
For Christmas lunch we went to Aunty Emily and Uncle Carl's house and Jack, Sari, Luc and I all got more presents. I got a dance mat and a knew baby from Nanny and Grandpa. I called her Abigail and she is so cute.
We had fun swimming in the pool all afternoon and then we went home and played with all our new things. Luc was so cute with his soccer set, he has a really good kick....well, thats what daddy says anyway.
It was another great Christmas!
Love Sophie


Sophie and Luc said...

I am glad you had a great Christmas Sophie and Luc. Love Mummy and Daddy xxx

Anonymous said...

Hello Sophie & Luc (& Mummy & Daddy), please send me your email address again as I can't find it & as always have been thinking about you lots. Love all your posts & photos - read them every day.

Please give your mummy a giant wet sloppy birthday kiss & hug for me

Rachael McCavanagh