Friday, January 09, 2009


Cisco and I played a little duet on the keyboard the other day. We were really good as well if I say so myself....Cisco was great on the volume control button, just like me, he likes it LOUD!!! So loud in fact what happens.... in they come running, (the grown ups that is or should I say, "the killjoys"!!!! Then they start with the...."Turn it down, turn it down" they say it about 20 times and us being little boys we pretend we don't hear them or understand them...... and you can tell by the look on our faces..... we dont like to turn it down!!!!! (or listen to grown ups tell us NO 100 times a day!!
Luc xx


Anonymous said...

Hello Sophie and Luc.
I think your ages at the top of your delightful blogpage may need updating. 5 and3/4 and i year old? I think not.
Also, maybe you could work out a way to let us know whether it is Sophie or Luc who is doing the writing. We can work it out after awhile but maybe you could could think of a way o identify yourself to your millons of fans.
Grandpa. xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

just clicked thru all the rotto pics...very cool.
Love from Aunty Jane xxx