Saturday, September 20, 2008

School Sports Carnival

1.(Waiting for "tunnel ball" to start)I am in the middle row and 2nd from the top
2.Running race
3. finished the race(me at the front)

Last Friday was the school sports day and us little pre-primary kids got to race and play games as well. We did "tunnel ball" and a "hoop race" and then we had our own running races. I came 5th!!! It was a very windy day and it even sprinkled a bit of rain on us but it was lots of fun. Even Luc was very well behaved and Mummy didn't have to run after him once. We were worried he might run onto the race track after me!!! After wards we went back to class and just had a fun day. We even watched a movie.
The rest of the whole school stayed for the sports carnival but it was a bit too windy and cold for
us so we headed back to class and had a fun day. We even watched a movie. I got to hold my teacher Mrs Meinck's hand all the way back to class. Look at all the stickers on my jumper.....I got 5 for doing well in my games and races!!!!

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