Sunday, September 14, 2008

Home from Hospital

It's been a week since my big adventure to the hospital to get me fixed up so I can sleep better. I spent the day with Mummy in a hospital room, so many things to touch......there were little red buttons on the side of the beds and when you push the buttons ladies dressed in white come running in to say hi. That was fun, until Mummy figured out what I was doing and like always I had to stop doing it. It's always the funnest things I am not allowed to do!!!

I had to wait a long time and was not really sure what I was doing there anyway. I started to get very confused when one of those nice ladies in white came in and dressed me in a "dress"!!!! Yes, don't tell my friends but I had to wear a dress that did up at the back and it was green and had a little bit of pink on it as well, and THEN as if the dress wasn't bad enough, I had to have bracelets on with my name on them!!!!!! Maybe I was being turned into a girl!!!! Mummy took me into a room with lots of doctors and machines that went beep beep beep and 4 nurses had to hold me down, yes people, 4 nurses and that's not including Mummy as I was sitting on her knee at the time as well. One nurse each had an arm or a leg as the doctor tried to put a mask on my face. Boy I was not going down easy.....anyway the next thing I remember I was waking up in "my dress" in the hospital room with Mummy and a little bucket of ice cream in front of me!!!!! I felt ok at first and I heard Mummy later say to daddy that I was still drugged up, apparently I was funny too and became very co operative when the nurses needed to take my temperature.....they said I had woken up a different boy! After a few hours we got to go home and we stayed at Nanny and Grandpa's for the night as the doctor's had said I may have trouble breathing when my medicines had worn off. That night I go very sick, I lay on Mummy all night and coughed and cried most of the night. I came down with a very bad cold and croup. So for the next 5 days I was miserable and sick. I couldn't even eat.

So now I am all better and a happy little man. So far there has been no difference in my waking a lot in the night but that is because I have been so sick.....maybe tonight's the night!!!!!
Look how sick I look! I hardly left Mummy's side for the 5 days but look here......when Mummy can't cuddle, Sophie is always around!!

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