Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Last Saturday's picnic

Last Saturday Mummy, Luc and I went on a picnic with some friends to Floreat Beach Park. It was so great because we could go swimming at the beach and play in the playground as well as picnic AND get an ice cream afterwards. A really great day all round. Even Luc was a good boy and Mummy wore him in her "kangaroo pouch" and he slept away most of the day.

My friend Alice's daddy took me out swimming really, really deep like how my daddy always takes me so I was very happy he could do that. I had lots.of fun playing with Ella and Will and Jayde as well.

After lunch you will never guess who came to see us.......SANTA!!!! He even brought us all a present. I got a sticker book on fairies and Luc got a little toy!!!! On the way home I asked Mummy how Santa knows exactly what we like and she says he is just like "magic"!!!!

I was very tired on the way home but it was just lots of fun. Later that night Mummy was watching the news and heard there had been a big shark sighting at the beach in Scarborough which was only just down the beach a bit from where we were swimming. Hmmmmm, maybe next time I won't go so far out!

Bye bye

Love Sophie


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