Sunday, December 17, 2006

A note from my teachers

This is what my teachers at "Buzy Kidz" (which is like a kindy for 3 year olds) had to say about me. I got my first report card last week and Mummy read it out to Daddy on the phone (because he was away). They seem to think it is a pretty accurate description of me........

"Our little Sophie! It took us a while to win you over but I think we succeeded. Sophie is an absolute little sweetheart with an endearing personality. As her confidence has grown Sophie has made good friends within the group and always shows consideration towards her peers and staff alike.
Sophie tends to take everything on her litttle shoulders and can sometimes let the worry of it all stop her from having fun. Once you have gained her trust she will talk for ever and is really entertaining with her stories.
Sophie you are a delight, a real shining star. Let yourself shine and every success will be yours!!!!"

Awwwwww, isn't that nice. I am going to really miss my teachers at Buzy Kidz. They were so nice. I hope my kindergarten teacher next year will be just as nice.

bye bye
Love Sophie

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