Friday, December 08, 2006

Facelift and new name

Well, not sure if you had noticed or not (hee hee) but it really is not all about me anymore!!!! Now that Luc is on the scene it is only fair that I write about him as well. I mean it would be great if it could always have been about me but I am actually OK with this. Sometimes Luc may even want to have a say himself. Yes, we are very clever for our ages!!!!

Luc is the best little brother in the world even if he does cry a lot AND keeps Mummy awake all night long. Yes, you read right......ALL night long! I witnessed it first hand. You see, daddy is away working on a big ship in the middle of the ocean so I took it upon myself to make sure Mummy wasn't scared at night sleeping by herself (that's a big sisters job by the way!!!!) so I have been creeping into her bed at night only to discover that she is not in it very much. She was up and down all night long last night because my baby brother has his first cold and he couldn't sleep very well. Poor little boy was coughing and sneezing and in the end Mummy stayed awake to hold him ALL night!!!!! He did go to sleep finally at 7am this morning for 2 hours but by then it's time to wake up and have breakfast. He is so not good at the sleeping thing but then Mummy said I was not exactly perfect at it either. Anyway, he ended up sleeping most of the day today so lets hope he is not awake again crying all night tonight and that he starts feeling better really soon.

So, Luc is 10 weeks old, that went fast! He has been smiling since he was 3 weeks old, talking/cooing since he was 5 weeks old but talking so much more in the last week or so. His favourite word is "agoo" which was also my favourite word at that age!!!! He weighs just over 5 kilos and is 54 cm long. He loves to look at me (of course he does, why wouldn't he!!!) his eyes follow me all over the room (ok, he also follows mummy and daddy but I think I am his favourite and if he could, he would say so!) he doesn't sleep much (too busy watching me, that's why!) he loves the latest Bob Dylan album, loves milk that Mummy makes especially for him (how clever is my mum!), loves to be held (yup, he has us trained already!) and is not that keen on driving in the car even though he gets to stare at me the whole trip (what is his problem?)

So, here are a couple of photos of him (not crying) and looking ever so cute..... and one of me getting a quick cuddle in the morning.
Love Sophie


Sophie and Luc said...

Great new look. Can't wait to read more!

Janey said...

Hello Sophie and Luc,
I love the new look blog. You are so clever!!!

Love from Aunty Jane