Sunday, July 30, 2006

Just Hi

Today is Monday and I am off to "Buzy Kidz"!!! I get to see my friends and do lots of fun things! The last few days I have been very busy. I have been baking lots....and eating lots of the baking!!! I made cookies with Nanny on Saturday when Mummy and Daddy went to the football and I help Mummy making pancakes, muffins, puddings and all kinds of things. I help her make dinner every night and then I get to wash dishes...WOoohooo, great fun!!!

Yesterday our friends came over, Penny and Jason (the mummy and daddy) and Will and Oliver (the me!)and we made homemade pizza's and they were delicious. We played lots and I of course wore my "tutu" and everyone kept telling me to put warm clothes on because it was pretty cold and I was making them all feel cold!

Mummy has been helping me organise my bedroom and get all the little books and toys I don't need anymore for the new baby. I am going to be able to read it stories and help look after it. I want it to be a baby girl so it will play "dolls and babies" with me but Mummy and Daddy say it might be a boy and I say, "well, we will just have to get another girl baby if it is a boy!!!" Mummy and Daddy laugh and think that is funny but I am not sure why!

Bye Bye
Love Sophie

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