Thursday, July 06, 2006

At the beach in winter!!

Last Sunday, Mummy, Daddy , Sasha and I went to Mullaloo beach. Yes, we know it is the middle of winter and it was very very cold, BUT, that didn't stop me going for a swim. I told Mummy I
was going to feel the water and then I aqccidently got very wet so had to take my clothes off so then I had a are some photos moments before getting wet and taking the clothes off.
When we got home I had to have a big warm bath because I was very cold. Actually, I wasn't cold at all but I think Mummy and daddy were feeling cold looking at me. I have to put up with that a lot!!!! When they are cold (usually Mummy) I have to put a jumper on or put the heater on. Don't they know, I'm a kid and kids don't FEEL cold!!!
Bye Bye

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