Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sophie Ballerina Belliveauoskarova

I have a new favourite thing! Nanny and Grandpa bought me a "Tutu" and I have been wearing it pretty much since I got it (3 days ago). I can even do a few little ballet moves and I practice them all the time. It is really cold here at the moment but every afternoon I wait in the front yard wearing my tutu and playing soccer and waiting for Daddy to come home!!!!! As the pictures prove.......I even sleep in my tutu. I put it on over my jamies. Yesterday I went to Julie's and I had to take it off, BUT, soon as I got home I put it on again!!!!!
Love Sophie

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Swiss Family Donaldson said...

Why does Daddy come home wearing a tutu? Does he like playing soccer in a tutu?? What a funny guy Daddy is :)