Friday, March 22, 2013

School swimming carnival....

A couple of weeks ago the school swimming carnival was held.  Sophie and her cousin Jack both competed (Jack's first time now that he is in Grade 3!)  They both did very very well.  It was such a hot day... 39 degrees, very hot for us poor Mum's helping out at the finish line!
Above pic: Jack in the 50 m breast stroke he came 2nd place!

at the finish line...

Sophie 50m breaststroke...She WON her Division 2!!!

???? not sure who or what this is??

Sophie and her friend Indy heading to the starting line for the freestyle race...they were holding hands because they were nervous!!

The Sophie and Jack "cheering squad"...Nanny and Grandpa!

Sophie in 50 m freestyle

here she comes...very, very  close finish..but she WINS!!  1st place to Sophie!!

She can hardly believe it.....(by the way, I was one of the placers on the day which is how I got to take close up photos!!)

and.....she can hardly wait to fix her hair!!

Really??? Did I win??

1st, 2nd and 3rd!!

more cheer squad...Aunty Jane and Havana!

Mum...stop with the photos!...oh, ok, just one more!!

So proud of themselves!!

all their races done!  

 An amazing sunset that night from upstairs...sun going down over the Indian ocean!

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Grandpa said...

AS usual, beautiful pictures.
love Grandpa and Nanny