Sunday, March 17, 2013

back to school.....

seeing as I am so far behind with are the "first day of school pics".  Luc started Grade 1!!

Handsome man on his first day of school!!

Sun in his eyes maybe??

Big sister Sophie...First day of Grade 5!!

Ok, so these photos are really not that good, but you get the point!


His school bag is almost as big as him!!

hows this angle, mum?


sitting at his desk!

before school started...


when do I put my glasses on??

Daddy got to come with us for the first day of school! Luc's teacher is standing in the doorway, she is very very nice!

Luc's desk and he sits next to Carla!

So far so good.  Sophie and Luc are loving their classes and teachers.  Tomorrow Sophie goes on a school camp for 3 nights....we will miss her

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Aunty Jane said...

Hey Luc,
Those glasses are very cool!
Love from Aunty Jane xxx