Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Rottnest 2013

Well another great week was spent on Rottnest Island in January...(yes I realise it was a couple of months ago...sorry folks, once again, very behind on updates :-(
Sari and Sophie always up for a "pose" for the camera!!

gorgeous girls...working the camera!!

I love how Sari had to take her doll everywhere on her bike with her in it's own little seat on the back!

Jack and Luc.....waiting, waiting, waiting..for us, always a bit slower!

still waiting...but wait...I may have caught someone breaking into the room ahead, climbing in the window...hmmm

Thompsons Bay in the background

walking and biking everywhere is the mode of transport

watching the passing parade from the front verandah

Gee Luc, do you think you brought enough sand back from the beach in your hair???

Road side cricket match....

Pretty sure the wicket keeper needs to stand behind the wicket Luc and not under them!

great shot Jack! Its a 6!


Cheeky faced boy.

action shot!

Daddy had to go back on the ferry and back to work....must of been a windy morning as we have jackets on!

Kids and I waving daddy off


Daddy on there back of the ferry

Luc pondering what fun he will have next!

lets go mum...stop taking photos!

Thompsons Bay

Luc the running boy

body surfing

Sophie and Kai

Em and I

hanging out

she wore an incy wincy teeny polka dot bikini...

 more Posing

Sophie working on her "duck pout" and Sari finding it hilarious!

sand angels


Luc "photobomber"

climbing trees in front of the unit

"Nanny, look how high I can climb"

Maybe I will jump.....

Maybe not!

under the shady tree on a hot day

Be careful Luc!

Sophie: watching Luc in the tree is sooooooo boring!

our unit

Cheers Grandpa

Sari and her dolly

Love getting their photos taken these two

more Sophie

Mum and Em

Laughing Kai


Sophie and I

Em and Sari

afternoon snack time!

couple of cuties

going fishing with Uncle Carl

shame my camera lens had water on it...hence the blurriness here...would of been a great shot!

everyone catches a fish, yet they were all little ones so we threw them all back in...

Nanny walking the kids back from the jetty

Nanny, Kai, Sophie, Sari, Luc and Jack

Kai gets a swinging ride home...

now time for a "wizy dizzy"

Time to go back to Perth....waiting for the ferry

Dad and Em

Miss Australia 2025

oops..pics out of order....fun at the water park!

Sophie and Jack

chill out time for Luc and Kai

movie time

awwww cute


feeding the quokka leaves


Sari and Nanny having a walk

lots of beaching it.....

Good times on the lovely Rottnest Island

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Grandpa said...

Great pictures. Wonderful reminder of a magic holidayt at Rottnest, January, 2013.