Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Miss 9

Sophie...trying to look tough! 

Right now Sophie's favourites.....

drink: always water

food: green salad or lettuce, cucumber and celery, olive oil and white wine vinegar and salt...she can't get enough of it!  Even takes it to school for lunch?

fruit: mango

colour: blue

friends: Indi, Sofie, Jayde, Libby...

at school: she is writing a  report all about Canada!

best fun: at the beach or gymnastics

obsessed with: baby cousin Kai (well he is 16 months now!)

looking forward to: going to Canada in June/July to see Memere and Pepere and all the family...oh yes and Disneyland!

Able to: play "The Lions Sleeps tonight" on the recorder....

Annoying habit: Playing "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" on the recorder!!

Something she does more than once a day: Plays "The Lion Sleeps tonight" on the recorder... (who invented the recorder???aargggh!)

wishing for: to see Justin Bieber in Canada or Miley Cyrus in Los Angeles

funniest thing she has said lately: "Gee mum, a nice cold beverage wouldn't go astray"!!  well maybe you had to be there but I thought it was very funny at the time!

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