Wednesday, February 29, 2012

first day of school...

Ok, so school has been in full swing now for 4 weeks. ( To say I am a bit behind in this blog is an understatement but to tell you the truth....this site or is it my computer that is the problem as whenever I try to update everything freezes and then crashes.... )  So, I digress.... back to school.  This picture was taken on the first day of school February 1st 2012/  Sophie started Grade 4 and Luc started Pre Primary...5 full days a week!!  Looking at this picture I can't get over how much he has changed already in 4 short weeks....he has grown since this photo was taken I am sure.  He has had a rather short haircut so it has made him look "so grown up"!!

School so far is going well for both.  Sophie says so far it really is just like Grade 3!!  Luc is hilarious the comments he comes up with but he is very eager to get to school and gets up and dressed and packs his bag all without being reminded.

He takes an apple and a vegemite sandwich every single day and tells me I give him too much food to eat.  He tells me to find the smallest apples I can because if the apple is too big, it takes him too long to eat and then he gets less time to play!! 

He thinks when I iron his clothes it is because they need "warming up"... and will often dress and then say...."did you need to warm it first today mum?"(why clothes would need warming up in 37 degrees is beyond me!!)

He is learning Italian at school and visits the Library and also has music lessons.  The best part of his day though is when he gets to see Sari his cousin on a Tuesday or Thursday when she is in the class next door in Kindergarten.  He tells me he looks for her pink t shirt and white hair (blonde) out the window but too many girls have white hair and pink t shirts he says!!

He also thinks his forehead is called "'forward" because it is your forward head.....

Quite the big 5 year old these days....

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