Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Rottnest Holiday 2012....

So quite a bit late with putting up some pics from our holiday in January to Rottnest Island. We had a great time once again, lots of swimming, snorkelling and bike riding. This is the villa we had for the week...the best spot on the island we think, we were so lucky to get it!!
Miss Sophie
Back view of the villa...
Snorkelling at "The Basin"
Bike riding...the only way to get around the Island...(no cars!! we love it!)
Luc had the best ride ever.....when he didn't feel like pedalling he could just sit and take a rest while Daddy did the cycling!!
Sophie as always looking after Luc and helping him off the reef.
At the Pub "The Quokka Arm"s", best beer garden in the whole world!! Denis trying not to have to "work" while on holiday, though his phone kept on ringing!

at the pub....

friendly little quokka visiting us at the Pub..

me watching from teh pub the kids playing on the beach....enjoying a nice Sauvignon Blanc do doubt as well ;-)

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