Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sophie the Netballer

Sophie has had 5 games of netball so far! She is loving it and so is the rest of the team. They are all learning "the rules" still and so far have only scored 2 goals in the whole 5 games. Her team usually gets utterly thrashed each week by about 10 goals....but like I said they are learning still and most girls are 7 year olds tunring 8 this year which is quite young to start.
Here she is at the line on the first game......still wondering exactly where she is allowed to go in her position. The coach changes their position twice during the game which is good as they get a turn everywhere!

Sophie is WD...her position here is Wing Defence!
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Sophie in action.....

So this is where we spend every Saturday morning in these Winter months.....luckily so far we have only had rain on one of those Saturdays and although it is very chilly in the early mornings....about 10 degrees, the sun makes an appearance and us Mums and Dads on the sidelines get warmed up by cheering.....and snickering quietly amongst ourselves at how cute they are, especially when they get the ball and just run with it..(definately not allowed!) or when they get the ball in the defence and start trying to shoot goals for the other team......they are having a great time and they can only get better!!!

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