Saturday, May 22, 2010

42 months old

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Luc is now 3 and a half years old, 42 months! To mark this occasion here are 42 random bits of information about Luc.

1. 42 minutes is approximately how long Luc would sleep for before waking and screaming for the entire first 42 days of his life (6 weeks) after that he extended the time out to about 60 minutes.

2. when Luc was in-utero he was given a 1 in 4 chance of being down syndrome.

3. Luc is exactly 47 months younger than his big beautiful sister Sophie.

4. Luc is lucky enough to have 4 grandparents and 3 great-grand parents in fantastic health and living life today.

5. Luc weighs 15 kilos and is not even a metre tall...

6. For breakfast Luc eats 2 hard boiled eggs with the yolks removed (there can definately be no yolk visible)

7. Luc's beverage of choice....3 parts water and 1 part 100% apple juice. Has to be drunk in his Thomas the Tank Engine cup.

8. Luc can run for 31 minutes straight and is a lot faster than his mother.

9. Luc has 1 sister, 2 female cousins and 4 male cousins including his cousin Justin who lives in Canada.

10. Luc has been on planes to Sydney and Hawaii.

11. Luc's Mummy is thinking finding 42 things about Luc could be more of a challenge than she first thought.

12. Luc calls "hiccups", "hip hops" and he has them quite regularly.

13. Every night before Luc goes to bed he asks..."what my doing tomorrow"

14. Luc's favourite dinner is cheesy pasta or a medium rare cooked steak...(definately no ground black pepper on there though!!

15. Luc is a fiery, strong willed and passionate little man.

16. Luc is actually quite hilarious.

17. Favourite TV shows are Tom and Jerry cartoons, The Pink Panther and Spongebob Squarepants.

18. Luc calls everyone a him or hims! No one is a her or a she!

19. At this stage Luc is unable to learn his colours. Whether he is doing this on purpose we are unsure but on this day he fully believes the sky is orange and the grass is blue. Yet he seems to know when his food is being served on a pink plate.

20. as per number 19 should his food be served on a pink plate it can mean said plate can be thrown and food refused to be eaten unless plate is changed to a more gender friendly plate (ie blue)

21. Luc cannot pronounce the letter "L" or "V". When he pronounces his full name it sounds more like....."Wooky Ellibow"

22. wow still 20 more to go.....

23. Luc like to sing "Santa Claus is coming to town" throughout the whole year.

24. Luc was terrified during a recent downpour of rain....yes folks, he was terrified of rain. Though in his defence it hadn't rained for nearly 100 days and he had never seen heavy rain in his whole life. He thought the sky was falling down!!

25. It's been 6 months since Luc threw his beloved dummies in the garbage and to this day he still tells us how much he misses them.

26. Luc has had 3 haircuts in his life!

27. Luc had sleep obstruction disorder which is one of the reasons why he would not sleep and contine to wake very hour or so. He had hs adenoids out and grommets put in at 21 months old.

28. Luc is still not a great sleeper but these days is more likely to wake in the night from a bad dream or from having growing pains.

29. Luc was born on the 29th September 2006 at 2.07am after a 2 hour labour.

30. Luc was 12 hours old when the Eagles won their last Premiership. Sadly, he does not remember this historic occasion.

31. Luc uses the words "no" and "weird" more than he should.

32. Luc misses Sophie when she is at school. Sometimes he brings me the car keys at about 10.30am, and insists we go and get her back!!

33. From our trip to Hawaii exactly 1 year ago Luc says he remembers being on the plane, Memere and Pepere buying him ice creams from the little shop nand he still had his dummies then!!!

34. Luc often tells us he loves us more than ALL the moons in the sky and gets very angry when Sophie says, "well, that's not much, there is only one moon in the sky you know"!!!

35. Luc give THE best cuddles and kisses :-)

36. Luc recognises songs on the radio and always says...we have this song at home...

37. Luc makes his bed every morning before he even gets out of it!!

38. Sophie was asked to provide number 38... and in her words she says....Luc is quite funny, kinda cute but really more weird than funny!!!

39. Luc hates cleaning his teeth.

40. Luc is always asking..."am I naughty" or "I not naughty"

41. As far as we know Luc is the first Belliveau male born in Australia...he is also the only member of this family that can sit and listen to jingle bells play on his keyboard for 3 hours straight.....

42. Luc is adorable oh yeah and he doesn't like coffee or green vegetables!!!

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this Luc list is utterly hilarious!!!!!!!!!

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