Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Sophie the gymnast

Sorry's been a while I know between long so that Mummy had a hard time remembering the password for this blog!!! I will do my best to update you on the last 6 weeks or so....stay tuned as it has been quite a busy month and a half.....
But firstly... in case you were forgetting how adorable I can be, here is a pic of me that Mummy took just as my gymnastics class was about to start. She thinks I look very cute in this and she loves the expression on my face. I had been anxiously (trust me, I DO know what ANXIOUS means!) looking towards the entry door waiting for my gymnastic friends Cameran and Alex (yes they are both case you were wondering!!!) I was getting worried they weren't going to be make it, hence my facial if Mummy had of been paying more attention she could of captured the utter joy on my face when seconds later they raced in the door. No doubt Mummy was busy trying to keep Luc quiet and entertained and fed or watered or something....(it really is all about him you know!)
Get ready....going to post every day for a week.....(Mummy is feeling ambitious and it is school holidays so we have so much more time on our hands!)
Love Sophie

PS: Just curious, but don't you agree that my pose makes me look like a professional gymnast!!!! Yes I thought so too!!

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