Tuesday, February 17, 2009

6 random facts about Sophie

1. I am loving being in Year one and already 2.5 weeks in, I CAN READ!!!

2. FUN is very important to me and a neccessary part of everyday.I either swim in a pool, go to the beach or rollerblade every single day....sometimes all in one day!

3. I LOVE spanish green pimento stuffed olives and would quite happily just eat a bowl of these as a meal. Also I love to make my own pizza.

4. Matching clothes and co ordinating my clothes for the day is very important...I also colour co ordinate Luc's clothes for the day!!

5. I am really good at diving. Aunty Emily coached me and and one day in her pool I scored a 9.5!!! I can now also snorkel and am looking forward to seeing the big turtles in Maui!

6. I love nailpolish and rings and wish I could wear both to school but we are not allowed as we have to wear the uniform.

Love Sophie


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