Tuesday, February 03, 2009

First Day of School

Monday I had my first day of Year One!!! I was so excited to get there and see all my friends and meet my new teacher. My teacher is named Mrs Hughes and I really like her, she is so nice and has pretty hair and nice shoes and a pretty handbag......of course I noticed this and of course I told Mummy! To which she replied.....oh that's just great Sophie but can you read yet????? Mummy was only joking of course, because you don't learn to read everything on the first day!!!!!

So there are lots of different kids in my class this year as there are 2 Year one classes in the school so we all got mixed about a bit but the best thing is, Levi is still in my class. I was so happy to see him. I could tell he was happy to see me too because he totally ignored me and Mummy said that's what boys do when they like you....I'm not sure about that one because when I asked Daddy he said, when he liked Mummy he asked her to go out with him every day for 6 whole months and she ignored him?????? I can see that is going to be one of those confusing conversations that I may as well just drop!!!

So you can see me in my new uniform and with my new school bag. Luc was funny because he went to get his little backpack as well and he cried when he had to leave me at school. He didn't know how important it is to be in Year 1 now!!!
So very soon I will be reading and writing and updating my blog myself......What, you actually thought I typed this?????ha ha
Love Sophie Belliveau
Age 6 and 1/4

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