Monday, December 29, 2008

38 degrees today!!

It's a hard life. Off to the beach again's going to be a hot one!!

Daddy and Luc with their "Gerry's"!!!!! (caps)

Sunday, December 28, 2008


We hope you all had a great Christmas. We sure did. I wish it was Christmas everyday!!! Grandpa had his birthday party on Christmas Eve and as always my help was "invaluable at cake time!! Blowing out candles is my speciality!

We also had a cricket match on the lawn... of course I was the most stylish cricketer on the field and I might say, not a bad grip on the bat!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Carols by Candlelight......Aussie style!

Last Sunday we went to the "Christmas
Carols in the park"!! It was lots of fun but a little bit chilly for this time of year. Lucky we had some jumpers and blankets to keep us warm. Also so lucky we had a blanket because Luc was frightened by the sound of the fireworks (that came on at the end of the Christmas carols) he clung to Mummy and had the blanket on his head the whole time......every now and then he would peek out and ask Mummy, "lights in the sky all gone now Mummy"..... he was so cute. Even Santa was there and it made me get really excited about Christmas. Of course Christmas has been and gone now and I'll be back later to fill you in on the Christmas action in the Belliveau house. Love Sophie

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The week before Christmas....

Two more sleeps till Christmas!!! I am so excited ! Here is my own Christmas check list:
1. Write letter to Santa
2. Write another letter to Santa (in case he didnt get the first one!)

3. Write extra letter to Santa (you never know, the second one could of got lost!)

4. Write 4 th letter to Santa to say Luc hasn't been a good boy ALL year!
5. Write 5 th letter to Santa to say even though Luc is not good all the time could he still bring him a small surprise.

6. Write 6th letter to Santa to explain how to get in to our house...(we don't have a chimney you know!!)
7. Write 7th letter to explain that Luc wakes a lot in the night and even if he is awake could he still leave some presents for me!! (I am a bit worried about the song....."Santa Clause is Coming to Town",.......he knows when you are sleeping, he knows if your awake..... !!!!!!
You will never guess what!!! Santa wrote back to me!!! He said he was glad I had been a good girl all year and also reminded me to leave a snack out for him and the reindeers!!!!!!

So last week Mummy took Luc and I on the train into the city of Perth. We went to "Santa Land" and sat on Santa's knee and also rode a little train to the North Pole.(Not the real North Pole of course, a pretend one in Santa land) It was good fun. Afterwards we sat on the grass and had lunch and looked at all the really tall buildings before catching the big train home again.
We've been going to the beach a lot as well. Mummy and Aunty Em took Luc, Jack and Sari to this beach last week when I was having my last day of school. It wasn't a very sunny day but they had fun...(even if I wasn't there to keep them all in line and entertain them!!!)

Friday, December 19, 2008


This is so much fun. Daddy finally set it up for me to have a turn. The faster and higher he pushed me, the more fun it was.......

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Xmas Concert and Pre Primary graduation

We did our Christmas concert last week and we were the "stars"!!! We really were, the stars of the show!!! We sang a song about....being the light that shines over the baby Jesus and we had star headbands on our heads.

Then I "graduated" from Pre Primary and received my certificate from my teacher Mrs Meinck. Next year I am in Grade 1 but for now, school is out for summer....yipppeeee!!
By the way, incase you were wondering, this is what my teacher wrote about me in my school report...
Sophie is a happy, friendly, delightful member of our class. She has made many friends and is well liked by all. Sophie has beautiful manners and always participates in class discussion. Her confidence has grown in this last term which is fantastic to see as she has so much to offer. Sophie has a terrific understanding of letters and their sounds. She is able to read simple texts, and identify words well above a pre primary level. Sophie has demonstrated an excellent understanding of all mathematical concepts. I am proud to say Sophie can count confidently to 100, which is terrific. Sophie has had a terrific year and I am certain she will continue to succeed in Year One. Congratulations Sophie, I will miss your beautiful smile.
Daddy said my report sounds just like his used to when he was a little boy but Mummy said that she didn't think so and that maybe we should ask Memere and Pepere about that when we see them in Hawaii in 4 months time!!!

It's beginning to look a lot like......

It's been a busy few weeks. Christmas is coming and I am so excited. We put up our Christmas tree a couple of weeks ago and I am pleased to report that Luc has not tried to pull it down yet. Every now and then I catch him inspecting all the decorations up close, but he has been very gentle and not pulled apart anything yet.
On December 1st we finally got to start having our "Advent Calenders". Mummy bought ours weeks ago and I was very impatient with wanting to start them. Mummy said we almost needed a "count down" calender to count down to when we could start our Advent Calenders!!!! So every morning after breakfast I get to have my little piece of chocolate and count down the days till Xmas. Mummy had to stop Luc having his after Day 4 as he became obsessed with wanting it ALL the time so now we do mine when he is not looking.
Daddy is home and we have been going to the beach a lot. Its been sunny and warm most days and I am loving being back in the ocean. I even got dumped already by the big waves!!! We have been hanging out a lot together in the backyard as well, with Luc and Mummy of course.

We had a Xmas party at our friends house last weekend. It was a hot 38 degree day and so lucky for us that they had a pool.
Us kids got lots of swimming in and then we had hotdogs on the BBQ and ice cream, yum yum!

Then, oh my big front tooth that has been wobbly for a while came out after I helped it a long with lots of tugging and pulling. Daddy said the tooth fairy pays more for big teeth and I got $5 that night. I was a bit sad I didnt see the tooth fairy again but I had been so tired from all the swimming I did all day.
Don't I look different now!!

Last week we had a half day at school and Mummy took Luc and I to see Santa. Luc cried a lot and he was scared so Mummy had to sit with us while I gave Santa the long list of things I am hoping to get for Xmas. I told him as well, just bring Luc anything, he won't mind what you give him!! I also got to post my letter to Santa. Since then I have written 6 letters to him as I am a bit concerned about how they actually get to Sanata and I really want to make sure he knows what I want!!!
We met up with Aunty Jane, Cisco and Havana and had muffins and "Baby-cino's" for morning tea. Luc loves his baby cino!!! (Cappucinos for kids they are!!!)
I'll be back soon to tell you all about my Christmas concert and also my Pre primary graduation.
Love Sophie