Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Table for 2!!!

Last week I helped Mummy look after Sari while Aunty Emily was at work. I was a big help and very gentle except she gets annoyed with my trying to cuddle and kiss her all the time.....(huh, she doesn't know what she is missing out on!!!!!!)

Here we are having lunch on our little 'table for 2'! Mummy thought we were funny the way we both toddled over and dumped our dummies (soothers) down beside our plates. I of course had about 4 and Sari has 1!!! Sari's dummy is yellow and we both knew that that was her one as I have never had a yellow one before!! We had grilled cheese on toast and fruit for lunch.

Look at Sari's eyes they are very very blue, isn't she cute, that is why I try to kiss her all the time! (click to make photo larger)

Bye for now, Love Luc xxx

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