Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Birthday daddy!!!

Happy Birthday Daddy! Wish you could of been here today so Mummy could of made you a chocolate cake and Luc and I could of blown out your candles and eaten the cake for you!!! By the way, I think I may have mentioned once or five times today that my birthday is in 9 sleeps!!!! (sorry to bring it back to me again but you know how it is when you are turning is very exciting stuff!!!) You are probably not as excited about your birthday as I am because lets face are WAY passed 6. Mummy said something starting with a 4........Wow, that's alot!
Doesn't matter though daddy cos you are a big kid to me and Luc and especially as this photo was only taken a few months ago when you were in Canada (Petticodiac River) just goes to show.....your not too old you can't play in the mud!!!!!
By the way, that mud sure looks kind of yummy, are you sure it's not chocolate???
Only 19 sleeps and counting till you come home........
Love you lots
Sophie xxxx

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