Thursday, November 30, 2006

Sophie the Artist

Well, I have been very busy lately working on my "art gallery". I have my little table set up with all kinds of bits of paper and I have been glueing away to my hearts content and drawing. Mummy said I could hang them on the wall as well. I made a big Christmas tree and then I have drawn pictures of our family all waiting for christmas.
Speaking of Christmas today Luc and I are going to see Santa and tell him what we want for Christmas. I will have to do the talking for Luc of course but that's OK. I want a trampoline for the backyard!!!!!!! I still don't know how Santa is going to carry it and how he will put it in the backyard but Mummy tells me he is "magic" so I really, really hope he is because I really, really ,really, really, want one (like really really badly!!!)
OK off to the shops we go...ho ho ho
Love Sophie

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Funny Sophie

Classic Sophie moment.....

Coming out of the doctor's office last week after having Luc's 6 week check up, Sophie ran ahead and yelled back....."let me push the button on the alligator"!!!! Alligator I said, it is not an alligator!!!! Ooops, I mean calculator!!!!!! What she really meant to say was ELEVATOR!!!!
The few people around us thought it was very funny!

By Mummy

Friday is Library day

We are off to the library soon. Mummy has been taking Luc and I to the Library every Friday as we go to "Storytime" and then afterwards I get to pick out 10 new books for the week. Storytime is great. A very nice lady reads out 4 stories to lots of kids and we all sit on cushions and then afterwards we do "craft" and get to take whatever we make home. It's good fun and today my friend Ella is coming too....yippee.

On Wednesday I had my kindergarten orientation day. I didn't know what orientation meant and Mummy said it just means, "going to have a look at my new kindy that I will go to after christmas"!!!! I don't know why people can't just say that instead of using big words all the time. Nanny uses lots of big words too. She teaches me words like, ridiculous and astonishing!!!! I use ridiculous all the time but I have forgotten already what astonishing means!
Anyway, my new kindy is going to be great fun. I am going to be going on Tuesday's and Friday's (all day) from February next year. Mummy said she will be a little sad when I start going to kindy. I'm not sure why as I would have thought that she needs the break from me constantly wanting to paint /play with playdough/make things etc and all the mess that goes with it as apparantly (another one of Nanny's words!!!) we are going to do LOTS of craft things at kindy......yay, yay!!

Bye Bye
Love Sophie

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Being 4!

Well I am into my 3rd week of being 4 and so far it is my favourite age!! I had a great birthday. I went to church in the morning with Nanny and Grandpa and then in the afternoon we had birthday cake and I rode my NEW bike!! Yes, I got a brand new bike and it was a big surprise. It is purple and has streamers on the handlebars and Daddy says it is by the coolest bike on the street! It even has a seat on the back for me to take my "babies" for a ride! I also got some great new clothes, a new talking baby (no not Luc) a toy baby, some "Dora the Explorer" things, some new books and colouring in books as well.

Then on Tuesday at Playgroup I had a little party with all my friends. Mummy made a great "Dora the Explorer" cake and it tasted very yummy as well. My favourite part was blowing out the candle and everyone singing "Happy Birthday to me"!!

That's all for now,
Love Sophie (now 4 )