Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Being 4!

Well I am into my 3rd week of being 4 and so far it is my favourite age!! I had a great birthday. I went to church in the morning with Nanny and Grandpa and then in the afternoon we had birthday cake and I rode my NEW bike!! Yes, I got a brand new bike and it was a big surprise. It is purple and has streamers on the handlebars and Daddy says it is by the coolest bike on the street! It even has a seat on the back for me to take my "babies" for a ride! I also got some great new clothes, a new talking baby (no not Luc) a toy baby, some "Dora the Explorer" things, some new books and colouring in books as well.

Then on Tuesday at Playgroup I had a little party with all my friends. Mummy made a great "Dora the Explorer" cake and it tasted very yummy as well. My favourite part was blowing out the candle and everyone singing "Happy Birthday to me"!!

That's all for now,
Love Sophie (now 4 )

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