Thursday, November 30, 2006

Sophie the Artist

Well, I have been very busy lately working on my "art gallery". I have my little table set up with all kinds of bits of paper and I have been glueing away to my hearts content and drawing. Mummy said I could hang them on the wall as well. I made a big Christmas tree and then I have drawn pictures of our family all waiting for christmas.
Speaking of Christmas today Luc and I are going to see Santa and tell him what we want for Christmas. I will have to do the talking for Luc of course but that's OK. I want a trampoline for the backyard!!!!!!! I still don't know how Santa is going to carry it and how he will put it in the backyard but Mummy tells me he is "magic" so I really, really hope he is because I really, really ,really, really, want one (like really really badly!!!)
OK off to the shops we go...ho ho ho
Love Sophie

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