Wednesday, October 18, 2006

More of baby Luc

Well, MY blog is in danger of being taking over by baby Luc!!!! I can't help but talk about him and show more photos of him because he is just SO CUTE!!! Not only that he is the most interesting not to mention time consuming thing happening in my life at the moment. But don't worry, I am not jealous. I still get lots and lots of attention not to mention all the "big sister" presents I have cool is that, presents for being a big sister!!!!! I think I better relax a bit on how often I ask to hold him as I think I am going to drive my Mummy and Daddy crazy because I ask to cuddle him at least 745 times a day! Oh yeah and my Mummy's best friend had a baby boy ...Harry.....12 days after Luc so he already has a "best buddy"!!!(apart from me of course).
Oh other news, Daddy is having a birthday tomorrow he is going to be 40!!!!!Wow, that seems like such a lot but I am so happy that he has a 4 in his number because in 10 more sleeps I am going to be 4!!!!!! I am very excited but trying to be calm and let daddy enjoy his birthday first because apparently it is a very big and important number. Daddy is having a party at the house but I am being sent off to Nanny and Grandpa's as no kids are coming to this party. I don't mind, doesn't sound like too much fun to me if no kids are coming. I mean, what is the point????
Bye Bye
Love Sophie

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yazan said...

awwwww.. that's so cute