Monday, October 02, 2006

I'm a BIG SISTER!!!!!

Baby is here. He was born on Friday morning. I am a big sister and I am sooooooo happy! It's a baby BOY!.... and I am Ok with him being a he and not a she, really I am!! His name is Luc Daniel!! He is just so cute and tiny and Mummy and Daddy say he looks just like I did when I was born. I just want to hold him all the time and play with him but it is hard because he does seem to sleep a lot and eat a lot which doesn't leave much time for playing with me! Although Mummy did say he doesn't sleep in the night time at all.......hmmm, thats strange, that's when you are supposed to sleep I said, but Mummy said baby's take a little while to figure that out!
Mummy came home from the hospital on Sunday with baby and I love to go into his room and stare at him in his bed and sometimes I sing him little songs and I think he really likes my songs even though I make up all the words.
So I have been having lots of fun playing with Daddy while Mummy was in the hospital and tomorrow he is taking me to the "Royal Show"!!! We are going to see baby animals and go on some rides for little kids and then get some show bags. It will be great fun. Mummy and Luc are going to stay at home and I am sure I will be happy to come home again to see them!
Love Sophie (the BIG sister!)

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Janey said...

HI Sophie
Congratulations on being a BIG sister.
This is a beautiful photo of you and Luc!
Lots of love from Aunty Jane xxx