Friday, October 06, 2006

Show girl!!!

I had such a great time at the "Royal Show" with daddy the other day. Apart from getting caught in the rain and ending up really really wet and cold, it was still lot's of fun. Daddy was really sorry he hadn't listened to Mummy's advice about taking a change of clothes for me in case we got wet. Daddy said, nah, we won't get wet! Sometimes Daddy's really need to listen to Mummy's because they do seem to know about everything!!!!!
So I rode a pony, patted a pig, lamb, baby goat (Daddy said it is a kid????, I said, it is not a kid, I am a KID, but once again he didn't listen!!) I won a doll by putting balls into an open clowns mouth and I went on some rides. Then daddy bought me the "Dora the Explorer" show bag with lots of goodies in it including a backpack and a skipping rope.
So I have also been helping Mummy and daddy with baby Luc. I am really good at giving him cuddles and kisses. He is soooooo cute. Today I went to "Buzy Kidz" and I showed him to all my friends. I am a proud BIG sister!!
Love Sophie

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