Thursday, June 01, 2006

Off to Margaret River...

Tomorrow we are driving to Margaret River to stay in Uncle John Aunt Valerie's house. (They are my GREAT aunt and uncle!!) All of us are going down. Mummy, Daddy, Nanny, Grandpa, Aunty Em, Uncle Carl, Jacky-boy and Aunty Jane. It's going to be fun, I can't wait!
I have been pretty busy lately, you know, Buzy kidz school, playgroup, going to Julies, playing, etc. I am just on the go all day long!
Today I went to the park with Mummy and Ella and Hudson and their Mummy Jo. We fed the ducks some bread and there were some very greedy, pushy ducks there as well. They were so greedy they started running after Ella and I and we got a bit frightened so Mummy had to chase them away. After that we stayed in the playground section and avoided the ducks!
OK, I'm off to bed. I am such a big girl now that I don't sleep during the day anymore, like I said earlier, I am just way too busy I can't fit a nap in!!!!! But I get very tired and have to go bed very early.
Bye for now,
Love Sophie

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